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Girls Supporting Girls was the product of a rant-session between co-founders Zoe Brown and Mariah Mercer. A discussion about the current teen culture sprouted into an organization. Committed to supporting and inspiring girls, GSG seeks to be a place of understanding, advice, and community. 

The GSG Team 

Zoe Brown 

Hi! I’m Zoë! I am a senior in high school and am one of the co-founders of GSG. I love to be busy, go on adventures and be with friends. I also love to travel and want to go abroad while in college. I’m interested in film as well as human rights! I have started picking up new hobbies including long boarding, running, and filming random things!

Mariah Mercer 

Hey everyone! My name is Mariah and I am the other co-founder of GSG. You can probably find me pretending I am in a musical, watching Grey's Anatomy, or planning a Disneyland trip. I am interested in education, biology, and eating corn dogs. I am passionate about encouraging people to dream big and not be afraid to chase their goals.

Elizabeth Walker 

Hey! I’m Elizabeth and I will be a senior this coming school year. I love all things science and want to learn as much as I can. In my free time you can find me hanging out with my friends, watching Grey’s Anatomy, working at an embroidery shop, or reading.

Sarah Swingley

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Swingley, and this fall I will begin my junior year at Carroll College pursuing a multidisciplinary degree in Public Health and Psychology. I have always had a heart for the little, the least, and the lost. I truly believe that every person I interact with has value and worth which deserves to be recognized and appreciated. I never want anyone to feel as though they are not respected and through my community engagement work my goal is to make sure that no one ever feels undervalued. In order to accomplish this goal, I have enjoyed participating in fantastic programs and research opportunities that have facilitated personal growth and experience as well as impacted the surrounding community.

Sidney Gates 

Hey Gals! My name is Sidney! I am a sophomore at Montana Tech and am embarking on my journey in the nursing program this fall. You will find me at my happiest during the summer when I can soak up as much sun as possible. I love to adventure and dive into learning more about health, kombucha anyone? My current goal is to not settle down but spend my time exploring as a traveling nurse, hopefully in the tropical areas of the world! :)

Christina Sieminski

Hey everyone!  My name is Christina Sieminski, I have been teaching science for the last 14 years at Capital High.  While I have loved teaching science, my favorite part of being an educator is helping students through the high school experience in a positive way by fostering a supportive and caring environment.  The part of my career that I am most proud of is the development of the Niceness is Priceless ® program in the Helena School District.  The program is an empathy building program that focuses on development through acts of kindness and aims to change the culture of our community by integrating emotional awareness and a network of mentorship K-12.  Girls Supporting Girls was created by the amazing girls that you see on this page, these girls have all been actively involved in Niceness is Priceless and developed GSG as a way of helping other students navigate their teen and young adult years.  I am so proud of everything that they have accomplished and am excited to see what the future holds for these five amazing young ladies!

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